Our males

 - Golden shaded -


Golden Knopka´s Gilion*RU
BLH NY 25 (11)









Our cattery is specialized in the colors of  Silver & Golden shaded + point variety.

Our cats are part of family and for us they are like our children. We give them lots of love and care. They are tested for virus infectious diseases FeLV / FIV / blood group types / PKD. They have regular veterinary care and go through a complete vaccination program including Rabies and Leukosis. Some of our cats come from breeders in Russia, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, who have developed respected champions lines.
As part of our breeding program, we feed our cats super premium cat food from Royal Canin, Farmina N&D. In addition to super protein canned food such as Nuevo, Royal Canin, Cosma, Porta21, Animonda and so. Besides, they eat cooked meat: turkey of beef. We also use vitamin preparations for the development and health of our cats since they are small babies. Our home offers our cats a safety window with a wonderful view and a balcony for relaxation and games.
Silver Legend does not offer stud service and we do not allow any outside cats into our home to avoid any risk to the health of all our cats.
Our aim is to have to a small, healthy breeding project to produce animals that have an excellent type and a lovely character, which will allow them to carry on our name.